Make Whipped Coffee

How To Make Whipped Coffee

Whipped Coffee is one of the most sort after coffee recipe. This is a type of Korean Coffee which is also known as Dalgona Coffee. This coffee started becoming popular due to the fact that it went viral on Tik Tok. This although, is a very simple recipe can become a disaster if not followed to the T. This is a recipe which feels like was made in a very fancy shop but has simple ingredients which can be found in your home. If you are wondering on how to make this whipped coffee, we have the recipe for you.


Whipped coffee is a very popular drink in South Korea. It is also one of the most common forms of coffee in Greece called Frappe Coffee and India, where it is called the Beaten Coffee. It is simple to make, which requires coffee, milk, granulated sugar.




How to make Whipped Coffee

Start with one tablespoon each of coffee, sugar and water and mix well. Equal parts of the ingredients which will ensure that you have the right serving for one person. You can easily double the ingredients if you are making for more than one person. Make sure that you are mixing the ingredients well beforehand, which might at first look like the concentration of instant coffee.


Keep whisking the concentration; this is where you will see the consistency go from liquid to thick. Also, the colour of the coffee will start to pale. Try to make sure that you do not give gaps and keep whisking until you see a creamy consistency. It will start to look like peanut butter. Now that you can see that as it gets thicker. It starts to keep its shape; we are aiming for soft peaks.


Now when you have the achieved the peaks that you desire, you need to finish off the recipe. Bring a glass which contains milk; hot or cold is up to you. All you have to do is add the whipped mixture on top of your milk and finish it off with coffee garnish. This is one coffee recipe made for the taste buds as well as Instagram.


pouring whipped coffee


Some tips to keep in mind

  • Try to use hot water for the best results when it comes to whisking.
  • You can make the whisking process faster by using an electronic mixture
  • Whisk all the ingredients in an open bowl to keep everything mixing well.
  • Before you drink the whipped coffee, make sure that you are mixing it well, you are looking for a frappuccino like consistency.
  • You can also use this mixture to enhance any desserts or trifles for the best coffee explosion in your mouth.